2019 Carson Cup Regatta

Jolly Roger Junior Sailing is more than just racing.

Jolly Roger Junior Sailing Corporation, a non-profit 501(c) 3 organization, has been helping kids learn to sail since 1993.  The club has a collection of boats that our juniors sail on the Ottawa River and on Maumee Bay of Lake Erie.

The kids compete in local regattas as well as learn to destination sail with our non-competitive 'adventure sailing' concept.The program emphasizes learning to be successful sailors and boaters.  The kids study the science behind sailing, safety on the water, and stewardship of the sport.  Children are introduced to concepts including chart reading, navigation, and boating right-of-way.    

The program includes teaching aids such as model boats, fans, computer simulation, and lines (rope).  Kids also play games and do science experiments to bring the theories home.  Instruction continues through the off season on a monthly basis.

The club makes it affordable for kids to learn to sail. “Joining the club has given us the chance to get our kids into something we didn’t think we could afford,” said Jennifer Carter, a mother of three sailors. “Having access to the boats and the instruction has been great for all of us.” 

The Jolly Roger Sailing Club has been attracting more and more kids from around the Toledo area.  “There are even kids coming in from Waterville, Ohio,” Mrs. Carter explained.  

For more information, please contact us using the link below.