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About the Jolly Roger Sailing Club

Since its founding in 1946 Jolly Roger Sailing Club has prospered and grown, but the primary theme of the club remains the same: To promote and encourage sailing and racing for pleasure and sport, to foster good fellowship among its members, and to provide the facilities for both.

If you are a sailor looking to join a club, or are new to sailing and would like to learn more about how to get started or are interested in taking sailing lessons, we would love to meet you.  

JRSC promotes sailing activities and enjoyment of the sport. Throughout the sailing season, we are active in sponsoring regattas, sailing classes, Wednesday & Thursday night racing, and weekend group sails out on Maumee Bay. But we don’t stop there. In the off-season, we get together regularly for game night, Euchre night, and other fun activities.  

We invite you to join us for fellowship and enjoyment of this great sport. We are a volunteer organization, run by members for our mutual benefit, for the betterment of the club, and the sport of sailing. 

We work to encourage and preserve the arts of sailing and navigation, maintaining one of the top junior sailing programs in the area.  JRSC has also produced many national champions in their respective fleets. We have active sailing fleets from May through October. 

Jolly Roger Sailing Club is the only exclusive sailing club in Toledo.  The sailors at JRSC love to share their experiences with new members, whether it is through sailing classes, teaching a new member how to rig their sailboat, or by just showing them the “ins and outs” of the club to ensure everyone gets the most out of their membership. 

As yacht clubs go, Jolly Roger Sailing Club is a very down to earth group. We have a large collection of members who enjoy learning from each other and helping others to learn about sailing.  The fact that we have a large membership here in the Toledo area helps us keep our club membership fees and dock fees low. If you already own a sailboat and want to get more out of it, JRSC is the place for you.  If you are not a boat owner, there are plenty of reasonably priced sailboats available in our area.  Combine this with your JRSC membership and it is definitely a great deal for how much fun you'll have out on the water!​